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  • Michael Sara

Silent Treatment Gone Too Far

I had just touched down in New York City after a 9 day cruise. It was me and the boyfriend, and my first vacation. We had a whole 12 hour day filled with sights and excursions ahead of us. Yes I know, we just finished visiting 4 countries and a butt load of activities, but it was my first time in New York City! I had to visit all the sights, I was super excited.

Something about the boyfriend: he had perfected the silent treatment. He would ''shut down'' and go quiet refusing to express himself, leaving me, the one who had the anxious attachment style, to go into a frenzy and panic. But, back home if we were in public and he ignored me, we always met up at his place, it was a routine. I knew he was feeling kind of funky by day 5 on the cruise, but he wouldn't tell me what was wrong after all of my asking, but, I guess on a cruise it's difficult to ignore the only person you know. So he was more so in a mood.

I wasn't going to let him ruin New York though! We found a luggage storage place to drop off our suitcases and we were off. First, Madame Tussauds, the Wax Museum. I was taking as many pictures on our way there with my Nokia of phone of trees, buildings, street names and corners.

Once inside Madame Tussauds as I was taking my picture with Michael Jackson, he walked away from me, I think he finally had enough. I did not panic, because c'mon, I was too excited, it Michael freakin' Jackson! And Will Smith and Obama! Plus, I assumed he would wait at the exit, because we always met up...somewhere. So, I asked many strangers to take my pictures, and at the end I pretended to be the chick King Kong saved.

Grabbed a couple souvenirs and I began my nonchalant search for the boyfriend. 7 minutes went by and I didn't see him. I exited the building and he was nowhere to be found. I asked the security guard if he had seen the guy in the picture I showed him and he said ''nope''.

Ok, don't panic, don't panic!

I saw people smiling, many families, tour groups, and couples, but no boyfriend. Ok! heart was wrenching, that ball in the was time to panic! I should have known that this silent treatment he was so used to giving me wouldn't end well. Big red flag! But, I never thought he would do it to me in New York, we only had each other.

I was lost in Manhattan! I couldn't breath...he left me in the happiest place on earth! I walked everywhere in Time Square looking for him! My phone couldn't even make a phone call I didn't have long distance! I was crying so much I couldn't even walk into Starbucks, everyone would have thought I was lost and someone would have abducted me. What the heck, my mom was going to kill me if I died!

Ok, think...what have all the movies you've ever watched about New York City taught you? The street numbers ascend/descend. Where's that big park...Home Alone... What's next to Time Square?

Still blubbering, I mustered up the strength, to wipe my tears and try and find my way back to the luggage storage place. Thanks to God, my pictures from earlier and all the movies and TV shows I've watched about the Big Apple; it felt like I was lost for a good 2 hours in those New York streets. Once at the luggage spot, I spoke to the girl who previously served us and I asked her if she had seen him, she also said ''nope''. However, she noticed me crying, and offered me some tea and allowed me to sit and collect myself. I was traumatized, still crying and in shock, because when he arrived at the luggage storage spot 45 minutes later without an apology, he nodded and asked if I was ready.

How could he not feel any remorse or ask how I was feeling, or how I found my way? I guess that's what happens when you train a person with the silent treatment.

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