• Michael Sara

On The Run

Have you ever broken up with a friend? I mean, said the words ''This friendship is over, have a good end of year''? I did and as a result, I was placed in the witness protection program.

Buckle up! Here's some background

We met through mutual friends, but she was older than everyone by a couple of years. We remained at the acquaintances for years until the day I was no longer with the boyfriend. That was when it shifted. I needed a female friend to help me get through it, you know! We did everything together. In my time of need, she picked up the phone when: I wanted to go on walks, couldn't sleep from mild anxiety and just needed to enjoy all the events happening around the city. She even introduced me to the next guy.

Thus, when she was going through boy troubles of her own, I extended my olive branch and did the same. I, appreciating the ''patience'' and ''time'' she showed me during my time of need, (not knowing it was ammunition for blackmail) and decided to use the same patience and time. I practiced my life coaching skills and gave her free advice (I was not a certified life then) and she would apply it.

Several months later, I unfortunately went through an incredibly stressful 3 months that increased my anxiety and panic attacks. I informed her and she appeared to show signs of sympathy. I decided to remove myself from social media without, giving anyone notice, as a cleanse to pick myself back up again. At the time, social media gave me the worst anxiety but coupled with the stress I was going through, it got so bad that I would have panic attacks while driving, in the middle of Walmart's and at work.

Here we go. (Writing this now...my palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy) ---EMINEM

I temporarily rejoined the world in the middle of December. She noticed. She texted me calling me a bad friend because I had unfortunately missed her birthday. I sincerely apologized, wished her a Happy Birthday and told her I was dealing with the next guy, anxiety, and depression. She could care less. She began to call me childish and immature for having ghosted and trying to handle my anxiety. I could not understand. She told me that if I had issues, I was to go her and talk about it. Once again, I apologized and told her that next time I will. She ended it with:

Put your big girl's panties on

I was triggered. Took me a couple of days to respond. Is it normal for someone to react like this? I was expecting some sort of compassion - I only have big girl panties. Am I not dealing with lawyers, refinancing and a long-term next guy? I was not going to go into the new year with drama. I decided to respond with something along the lines of

I guess, subconsciously I knew not to come to you, because of the way you would have responded. Maybe, I always knew you were not a true friend. This friendship is over. Have great end of year... (of course I remember what I said lol)

She saw red. She began calling me all the names in the book. Threatening to expose me to the ex-boyfriend (what is he got to do with anything) and the next guy (umm...ok). It was a nasty argument. I knew I should have just blocked her, but I was not going to let someone disrespect me! Well…I eventually had to go to work, I finally blocked the number, and I was on my way.

Danger!!! Suddenly, I was getting calls and texts from different numbers. The things they were saying were partially hilarious because of the creativity but, it was also unfortunate because she had put my number on social media and told people to text/call me. She was messaging mutual friends asking them for my address and where to find me. I was being hunted. I got a call from my job telling me that she had showed up demanding I get fired. She wanted to hurt me. The severe anxiety kicked in! That was my livelihood. I could not feel my legs. That was the day I found out severe panic can make you throw up. I was only on shift for 1 hour when I got a text...

I was sent my own address. They found me! They were waiting for me...

I felt like I was about to die! I called the police and left work to be escorted home. Once the police arrived at my place, I got a text calling me a ''chicken'' for having involved the popo. The officers looped around my place for a while to make sure no shady business was going to happen later on at night. The special constable later called her asking why she would go through all these lengths for an individual.

She replied: she hurt my feelings.

I had to permanently delete my accounts from social media due to her posting horrible things about me and using my pictures to have people look for me. I also had to change my phone number. I followed up with a suit for defamation of character, harassment and a ''restraining order''.

Hey...she told me to do it! She told me to put my big girl's panties on, and that is exactly what I did!