• Michael Sara

What Kind Of Mindset Do You Have?

Kick that scarcity mindset to the curb! Do you walk with an abundance or a scarcity mindset? These 2 types of mindsets affect peoples lives in drastic ways.

The mindset of abundance can shift your life and its trajectory. Here are 3 tips that can take you away from the limited mindset and into the abundant mindset. Having an abundant mindset affects aspects of your life from the family/friend dynamics to your job/career choices and down to the way you view/spend your money.

1) Practice recognizing possibilities

Perception. The way you view the world affects your life. If you are a Debbie downer or a pessimistic Patti, you respond differently to events that happen. You may realize that you are a glass half empty kind of person rather than a glass half full. Hey! It is alright to be realistic! I am not saying to not feel what is happening to you. No toxic positivity here! I am saying to not dwell there. Life is full of possibilities you just must be receptive. Try and find possibilities in your scenarios, you will find life a more rewarding that way.

2) Surround yourself with people who also have an abundant mindset

I am sure you have heard of the saying: Birds of a feather flock together? The people you surround yourself with will have either a positive or negative influence on your life! Unfortunately, some think that if they are the 1 good seed among 5 bad seeds, that their 1 will be able to change or not be affected by the others. In almost all cases it is the other way around. The 1 gets corrupted. If you surround yourself with those who have an abundant mindset, who have a positive outlook on life and who strive for the stars, without limiting themselves to the bare minimum; you will in turn want to do the same for yourself. Their movements and actions will motivate you to reach for the stars.

3) Believe you are enough

It is 100% understandable to get caught up in one’s insecurities and negative thoughts. Everyone has negative thoughts; the trick is to train your mind and your thoughts to work with you not against you. You can have thoughts that tell you that you can achieve it, and then an immediate thought that tells you otherwise. Believe the first one! If you think it, you will believe it, resulting in you achieving it! The world is full of possibilities, pick some and go for it!. Squash those minute thoughts that tell you otherwise! YOU GOT THIS!

Life is too short to be living with limitations or with a scarcity mind! Walk with that abundant mindset and achieve your goals and dreams!