• Michael Sara

Your flaws make you (fl)awesome

What you consider a flaw, or an insecurity sometimes works in your favor.

Wait a minute...it get's good!

It is easy to say to an insecure tall person: they should play basketball or strive for the WMBA/MBA due to their height, and for said person to start working towards that goal and on those insecurities. However, what happens to the individuals with insecurities that aren’t so linear, fixable, or easy to achieve.

Take me for instance and one of my insecurities: My name.

My name was my biggest insecurity. Crazy! It's such a cool name you say…You wish you had this name, or you know a person with the same name? Cool beans! I didn't like it. Took me YEARS to even introduce myself with confidence! I have three prominently white male names...and I am not white or male.

Announcer: Introducing.... Sara to the stage!

Who is Sara you ask? ha-ha well its technically not my name 🤭🤫 but she is coming along for the ride, and I guess she is part of me now.

(Sara is a made-up name that I took on)

It is only until recently that I became comfortable and confident with my name, so prior to that moment I started calling myself Sara to hide behind my insecurity.


Most times, it appears as though the things we were once insecure about when we were younger or even older, (maybe still are) turn out to be the same things that separate us from the herd. They make us special. They make us unique. With LOTS of hard work and SEVERAL handfuls of confidence, you can imperfectly perfect your flaws/insecurities.

Your flaws don't work until you do. Let me explain, then I'm out! You need to put in the work with your flaws, accept them, and find how you can use what you have and turn it into something that works in your benefit. Something that accentuates YOU and your new flawsome skills or features. Take my name for instance, because it is ambiguous, the positions I went for were different. The impressions I make with people are different! I strive for difference. No longer am I shy whilst introducing myself. I also flash my million-dollar smile! My name is now one of my strongest assets! Watch out!

Change the way you see your so called “flaws”. Change the connotation around them. Make them work for you!


If you are not there yet...do not fret! It is alright! Embrace them!! Realize that they are there and that you are special and important. Today you may not like them or may still feel insecure, but tomorrow you may be singing a different song!